How to Get Property Agent License in Malaysia

Many people think being a real estate agent is an easy task and it can make one be a millionaire within a few months. Well, I do not deny that some people have gone far with the job. But does it benefit all the property agents in Malaysia? Much is involved with the job, and it is not as easy as many people think. In fact, it is riskier to be a property agent in Malaysia.

How to become a property agent in Malaysia

Becoming a real estate agent is a very difficult task, apart from acquiring your degree in the field and having the experience of handling property in real estate, their income is not guaranteed. They are only expected to work for long hours without being paid. So as long as you will not have time for your family, you might become more broke than before if you don’t plan well. Therefore, to become a real estate in Malaysia, planning, and self-sacrifice are required.

Property Agent Fee Malaysia

The fee payable to the property agent in Malaysia is not governed by an official body. Therefore, the agent will be paid depending on the agreement between him and the client. Hence, as long as the property agents do work for long hours, they get a minimal fee that cannot even sustain them and their family. Besides, the fee depends on the property sold and does not apply in buying or selling foreign property in Malaysia. There are those properties that can earn the property agent 10% while others can go up to 40%, so it all depends on an agreement made between them.

Property Agent License Malaysia

To obtain a license as a property agent in Malaysia involves a lot. You must do an exam to prove your eligibility. First, the property agent will be expected to pass six subjects set by the Estate Agents Malaysia and Board of Appraisers after which they will also be required to sit for another part two test. The property agent will then be required to practice for two years before they can be registered and obtain the license to operate as the property agent in Malaysia.

Property Agent Commission Malaysia

Property agents in Malaysia normally work with the brokers, so the commission that they get will be shared between them and the brokers. However, this commission also varies, and even though the brokers’ job is that easy, they have no otherwise but to split the commission with the brokers. There are some brokers however who are not well trained, and that will mean failure for the agents who chose to work with them.

Property Agent Company in Malaysia

Having a company for agents is essential since clients like dealing with the company. However, the agent should not just look for any other company, but it should be a trustworthy company that is most trusted by the clients. Being in a company is even another big task since one has to pass all the tests and acquire the license that can make them eligible to work as a real estate agent.


Being a property agent is not an as easy a task as it may seem to be. It requires a lot of sacrifice and planning. Besides, one must pass the test for them to be eligible for obtaining a license to work as a property agent in Malaysia.

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