Problems Paying Your Housing Loan?

At, we have multiple options to assist sellers with their circumstances.

If you have to stop paying the real estate loan because you are experiencing some difficulties, then we can assist you to stop paying your home mortgage in as low as 7 days using something called Lease Options.

Lease Option

This is how it works:

Let’s presume you have a home that you have to sell very quickly. If you sell through an estate agent in the existing market, it is incredibly unpredictable and the over-supply of homes in today’s market implies your house might be on the marketplace for a long period of time.

In the meantime, you would be recommended by the agent to keep reducing the price to create interest from possible buyers, supplied that you have enough equity in your home. The bottom line is that you have to continue paying your home loan and can’t proceed with your life.

With lease options, we will take over your real estate loan payments as well as the maintenance of your building till we can buy it in the future once the cost has risen adequately. Once the documents are signed, which can take as little as 7 days, you may right away move out of the building without any more burden on the property.

Get Rid of Your Property Quickly

In a nutshell, we “lease” the building from you by paying your home loan and taking care of all aspects of the property and you give us an “alternative” to buy it from you in the future– a win/ win circumstance.

Keep in mind, you are completely free from any obligation for this property throughout this period. Completion result is like you have offered your home! As soon as the documentation is signed, which can take as little as 7 days, you may instantly move out of the building without any additional problem of the building. Till then, we have a choice to buy your home at an agreed price but we will be “childcare” your real estate loan looking after your building.

A lease option would suit the following situations:

  • If you have real estate loan defaults or are dealing with home auctions.
  • You need to move on right away without further real estate loan dedications.
  • There is little or no equity in your house.
  • You do not require a large lump amount of cash immediately to carry on.
  • You wish to secure a cost that is close to today’s full market price no matter the situations of the housing market in the future
  • This service is free. You could be free from your mortgage payment within days. Due to the flexible nature of a lease option, it is possible to structure it so that it can completely suit your circumstances. You will no doubt have some questions so please give us a quick call or fill in an online form, we will contact you within the next 24 hours.